Genius hour has opened up my creativity by making me think outside the box and think of an invention people can use every day. What I am doing for genius hour is a camera lens for smart phones that allows more magnification for the camera. I will be working on this project with my friend Mitchell. Even though there are products with the similar function, the purpose of this product is to innovate on that idea and make it more easy and comfortable to carry around. The only important material we will be using is a lens from a laser pointer that we’ll use as the magnifying lens for the smart phone camera. So far we haven’t made elaborated on the project itself. We have been looking at patents but haven’t really found a website showing us the patents. Hopefully we’ll get working on the project soon enough.

                We selected an invention for genius hour because we wanted to expand our imagination by thinking of product that will be essential for people. What I hope to gain from this experience is more inspiration for other projects I may do on my own time because for the past couple of years I haven’t been able to think outside of the box like back when I was younger. I plan on doing similar projects to this one, inventions that improve products. Starting this project has made me feel pretty excited to build an invention; it kind of brings the kid in me again.   

Ms. Bertrand
10/13/2013 09:33:55 am

I'm so happy that your Genius Hour project is bringing out the kid in you :) We'll be spending time on it and moving forward next week. Bring your passion!

Hiroshi, you need to publish your Career Project. It's overdue


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