The career I chose to research is family physician. What a family physician does is diagnose patients for illnesses and diseases and refer to specialist if the disease is serious. At the beginning of their career, family physicians work up to 50 hours a week. They have irregular hour schedules. They also deal with a wide-range of patients and illnesses. Family physicians usually work in offices and clinics if they are self-employed and others work at hospitals. Their salary depends on the number of patients they attend. The average income they receive from the government is $226,000 per year. It usually ranges from $100,00-$250,000 per year. Physicians that work for hospitals and others receive benefits such as: health and life insurance, pension plans, paid vacations, and sick days. 

Why I am Interested 
Why I am interested in this career is because I want to help people, I am interested in the human body and how it works, and this is something I can see myself doing. This job requires being tolerant with the people you are helping because there are some people that don't cooperate much when you are helping them and some patients can be irrational or irritable. Being a good listener is also a skill needed or else you might miss some important details. Another skill that this job requires is making connections with your patients, so you have to be friendly to them. These are skills I have and can improve for this career. 

Final Thoughts 
What concerns me about this career is that it takes about 2-3 years of studies in university and about 4 years medical school and 2-3 years on-the-job training. This feels like a long time before you can start working and I am not sure if I can last that long studying medicine. I also think this will be a difficult subject to learn but I think I can manage it. Also this career can intervene with family and social life, it requires a lot of hours of work, not many people are willing to make these sacrifices and put that much commitment, sometimes I question myself if I am able to do that as well. Hopefully if I find it interesting and can commit to this career in the future.  

"A Day in the Life- Family Physician" 

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    October 2013