This project has been really stressful and i'm glad that we have finished. The end result is better than I what expected to be but it's not the result I had in mind, but I'm happy with the result. The lens is fit into a square piece of plastic that goes between the smartphone and the case. The picture taken with the lens show a significant results to close up pictures but just a blurred image when trying to take pictures of something far. I tried using cardboard but it didn't work. i tried using magnets but none of the magnets worked well with the material. 

 This project has taught me that creating an invention is a difficult thing to do. Searching for something that might improve the way we live or do anything is very complicated and requires a lot of thinking outside the box. Being an inventor requires a lot imagination, something that at this age I don't have a lot of. At the beginning of the project my partner and I thought this was going to be easy because we had the plan for the camera lens but then we realized we didn't know how to get the resources for what we planned and had to improvised, we used cardboard, metal clips, and tape. We could have just left it like that but we wanted it too look more professional. In conclusion, I learned that creating something requires a lot of thought, passion, and creativity and it's not as easy as it seems.

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