Our project so far has been really stressful. We had been constantly thinking of splitting up and working on individual projects because our project hasn't been going smoothly as we planned, but we are going to stick with it. We haven't done much with the project overall. We filed the rim of the lens so it can lay flat nicely on the camera. We have tried lots of ways to attach the lens to the smartphone case like using hair clips and metal clips but they haven't successfully. An idea I had was to attach the lens to small platform and then attach it to the case. That way the lens wouldn't fall of the smartphone. This weekend I will purchase the materials to make this. I hope this really works out because if it doesn't this I will be really disappointed and consider this a failed project.

What I learned so far is that it's not easy coming up with an invention. Trying to invent something that will make things easier and efficient is a really difficult job. I'm not sure how people managed to come up with such awesome inventions that people use everyday such as sticky notes or even a bike. All I know it takes a lot of creativity and I'm clearly not creative enough. Sometimes I wonder if it's easier for kids to come up with inventions since they are so full of fun and creative ideas. When you get older you have to think more realistic and radical which shrinks the radius of possible inventions. 

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